gluten-free beers galore

I get excited every time I find a new gluten-free beer to try. I was excited, then, when I found New Plant’s gluten-free beer at Staff of Life recently. So far, I’ve only tried the Off-Grid Pale Ale, which was actually really quite good. I’ve got my eye out for the Tread Lightly Ale, and while I’ve spotted the 3R Raspberry Ale, I’m not sure if that sounds like something I’d want to try.

It makes me so happy to see all of the gluten-free beers on the market.

So far, my favorite has been the Estrella Damm Daura, which I guess makes sense since it’s the only GF beer I’ve tried that’s actually made with malt (with the glutens extracted.)

Redbridge tends to be my default beer, because it’s the most widely-distributed and is probably the only thing about Anheuser-Busch that makes me super happy.

I hated the Toleration ale when I tried it. It’s brewed with lots of sugars and well, it’s just not very good in my humble opinion.

On the other hand, I quite like the gluten-free beer from St. Peter’s when I can find it. Also, it comes in an awesomely shaped bottle.

I have mixed feelings about the trio of gluten-free beers from Green’s. They’re pretty decent, but they are also on the expensive side.

When I have a choice, I prefer Bard’s Tale or Lakefront’s New Grist.

Sadly, my second favorite, the African-style gluten-free beers from Sprechers,  aren’t yet widely available outside the midwest. I really enjoyed the last bottle I had a lot…and Imbibe Magazine apparently agrees with me on this brew. In fact, most of their picks aligned with my tastes, much more so than the write-up from the folks of Serious Eats. You can also see what the Chicago Tribune thought of various gluten-free beers here.

It’s still amazing to me how many gluten-free beer options there are now. When I was first diagnosed, I think I knew of exactly one gluten-free beer, Ramapo Valley Brewery’s Passover Honey beer. It was too sweet for my liking, but for awhile it was the only one I could find on the market.  I don’t even know if they make it anymore.

Oh and if you’re nerdy like me, you might like this piece on what goes into gluten-free beer brewing. 

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