Wyder’s Raspberry Cider – a perfect summer afternoon drink

While we don’t have a backyard or a front yard at our new place because of the way our triplex (like a duplex, but with three places,) is set up, we do have an awesome and large balcony. Each unit in our building comes with some sort of outdoor space — the front downstairs unit has a small front yard, the back downstairs unit has a little back/side yard, and we have the full balcony to ourselves. It’s a great spot to catch a few rays, have a drink, do a little reading AND house our growing collection of potted plants/container gardening. The other day I picked up a Wyder’s hard raspberry cider from the local bodega/wine shop and was pleasantly surprised to find it far less sickly sweet than many other raspberry hard ciders I’ve tried. Also, I’m a sucker for the color red and was pleased as punch that my beverage matched the outdoor chairs.

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