Road Trippin’: Day 7, SLC to Reno

On Tuesday, we set out bright and early for Reno, Nevada. The time changes are helping me a lot when it comes to punctuality, and by 8:45 a.m., we had gotten our coffee, filled the gas tank, and were already on the highway. If I’d thought the terrain in Wyoming was beautiful, I was practically blown away by Utah. It is absolutely gorgeous. The Great Salt Lake. The mountains. The Ruby Crest. It’s all just absolutely stunningly beautiful.

We stopped to run around at the Bonneville Salt Flats, which are soooo freaking cool. I wish we could have been there for the world land speed record trials being held later this month, but it was still very cool to see them. Ruby also enjoyed running around on the salt, and afterward, bk and I couldn’t stop marveling about good and smooth our feet felt after frolicking on the flats. Better than a pedicure, for sure.

Reno was, well, it was about what you might expect. It’s a low-rent Vegas. There are casinos galore, a hoppin’ Juggalo population and lots of other strange stuff. Also, lots of seedy characters. We walked around for a bit before stopping in a saloon that turned out to be Downtown Reno’s LGBT bar, which was great. We felt right at home. After drinks and dinner at the Silver Peak Brewery, we decided to avoid walking through the super-sketchy area once more to get back to our Ramada Inn.


Seared ahi tuna salad with fingerling potatoes and kalamata olives.

We found a taxi driver who agreed to give us a lift even though he already had a customer because, as he explained, the customer was his ex-wife and she wouldn’t mind one bit. Our cab driver had a skinny little mustache and long stringy hair and was wearing a floppy hat and dark sunglasses. He pretty much looked like he’d stepped out of an 80s hairband coverband, an impression that was added to when he introduced us to his ex-wife Cameron, a buxom, tattooed, bleach-blonde in short-shorts who, according to our unnamed cabbie, was voted the best adult entertainer in Reno several years in a row. He informed us that while she is wonderful and beautiful, he’d had to divorce her because he wanted someone prettier and younger…a fact she laughingly confirmed. Also, taxi rides were part of their divorce settlement they said, an assertion I couldn’t not determine the validity of. We ended up dropping Cam off at the Lincoln Lounge, a fun-looking dive bar themed around our 16th president and featuring a large mural depicting a “wanted” poster of John Wilkes Booth.

Our hotel was the next stop, and when we got out, the cabbie wouldn’t take our money and said it was on him and Cam. When does that ever happen?

Back at the illustrious Reno Ramada Inn, we took the pooch for a walk and then got drinks from the hotel bar. Also, we decided we should give gambling a small shot, considering where we were. Within a few minutes, we’d pretty quickly lost $20 on the slot machines in our hotel’s casino, which smelled like a combination of stale cigarette smoke and fried food, before calling a night.

Morning coffee at the Daily Bagel!

And now we head to our new home in Santa Cruz, California!

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  1. Melisande says:

    Hi Jess! Thanks for your comments on my blog, and welcome to santa cruz! there’s seriously so much to do here, especially lots of outdoors stuff which is what i love about living here. on the westside there’s hiking, wilder ranch, westcliff, bike riding, surfing, and the wharf (Where i live). downtown there are shops, such good food, and bars. i can give you names and specifics if you want. let me know if you want someone to show you around town! :)

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