Road Trippin’: Day 6, Cheyenne to Salt Lake City

We got on the road by 8 a.m., stopping in “downtown” Cheyenne for car fuel and people fuel (aka coffee) before hitting the road for Salt Lake City.

We were both amazed at just how absolutely beautiful the drive was. The mountains are simply gorgeous and with every turn, we were more and more astounded by the terrain. So different from the east coast and so untouched in so many places. Simply marvelous.

Fireworks are advertised everywhere.

At the gas station outside SLC.

 When we got to SLC, we checked into our hotel, a process that took far longer than I’d anticipated as we arrived right after a large group of mentally and physically challenged adults from France, which was a sight that was interesting to behold – although I mean that with absolutely no disrespect. I was perfectly content to wait until things were sorted out with them, but the older gentleman directly in front of me in line apparently was not, and he ended up bitching out the hotel clerk and then demanding to speak with her manager. Fortunately, I was able to check in with no such fuss and we soon took off to go explore SLC, which is actually quite lovely in spots.

This is part of the large Church of the Ladder-Day Saints complex in downtown SLC.

 The LDS complex is beautiful, made up of several ornate buildings and adorned with carefully landscaped flower beds, sculptures of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and a large fountain. The Mormons we met there were incredibly nice, offering to show us around their complex and answer any questions we might have. Unfailingly polite, in fact.

 After a brief stop at the Beerhive Pub at which BK had a decent burger but I was left very disappointed by my so-called cobb salad, we stumbled upon the Green Pig, which I was far happier with. The place had a decent menu and bar list, a dog-friendly rooftop patio and plenty of friendly, tattooed employees. Much more my kind of place….

Delicious carne asada tacos from the Green Pig.
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