Road Trippin’: Day 1 of New York to California

Yesterday I bid adieu to Albany once again, this time with both Ruby Tuesday and bk in tow. Monday night I was in Albany, last night I was in Ohio and tonight I’m in Chicago. The plan was to drive to Chicago and stay here for a couple of nights, as my apartment/belongings were still here and I wanted to say a proper goodbye to my dear city.

Farewell Capital Region!

BK’s original plan was that we should just drive the entire way to Chicago on Wednesday, which would take at least 15 hours, if not more. The actual drive itself is estimated at about 13.5 hours, but once you add in traffic, gas stops and bathroom breaks for both the peeps and the pooch, well, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to be doing that in one day. I probably should have bit my tongue and just let the boy come to his senses himself, but luckily, he did eventually anyways. New plan was to stop somewhere in Ohio and then finish the drive in the a.m. Last time we drove to Cleveland, but out of desire to go further this time, we settled on Toledo.

¬†Actually, we ended up staying in a suburb of Toledo because we wanted to avoid driving too far off the highway, primarily because towing a large trailer full of belongings is a pretty big pain in the ass when not on the highway. We wound up in a little midwestern town called Perrysburg, in a flea bag motel with cigarette burns on the blanket and an aura of stank. On the upside, the bed was comfy, the employees were very friendly and the joint allows pets so no need to sneak the girly in my suitcase. It also happened to be located on a commercial strip full of motels, hotels, restaurants, fast food joints and some stores. This came in handy as we were able to just leave our trailer/car combination and walk for some grub. Our motel was located directly behind a Bob’s Big Boy, and while we did not eat there, I couldn’t resist some photo ops.

¬†A quick Google search informs me that the slogan of Perrysburg, Ohio is “Embracing our past, poised for the future.” Additionally, it’s named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, an American war hero with what is surely one of the best middle names I’ve ever heard. However, since I’m pretty sure Perrysburg does not fit into anyone’s concept of an ideal vacation spot, this information is more than likely extraneous.

Dog is our co-pilot.
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  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Jess, We missed you at the family reunion but sounds like you are having a great experience. Keep the news coming. Grandma

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