gluten-free calamari and more at Lippera’s Chatham House

While preparing to once again leave the east coast for places yonder, I’ve been trying my best to take advantage of all things the Capital Region offers. Recently I was itching for a road trip in Columbia County on one hot summer afternoon. I’d been wanting to check out Art Omi, a sculpture park in Ghent, N.Y. for awhile and so bk and I decided to go for a little venture.

Iced coffee from Tierra Roasters to fuel the trip

Art Omi is a very cool place – part sculpture park, part artists’ residency, part nature reserve. There are acres to wander with sculptures and installation pieces scattered about, and the visitors’ center, which is a very cool LEED-certified building with a cafe featuring local organic ingredients, will lend you bicycles to traverse the grounds if you’re so inclined. You’re also allowed to bring dogs on leashes, which meant little Ruby T was on-board for our trip. Additionally, you can bring a picnic and there are picnic facilities scattered about as well. Did I mention it’s free? It’s a really lovely and underrated place. I’d make sure to bring bug spray if I go again though, as it gets a bit buggy in the wooded areas.

Afterward, I decided I wanted to wander around Chatham a little bit, just because it’s so damn cute. I really wanted to take bk for a pint at the Welsh pub, Peint o Grwr, but it was too early for them to be open, unfortunately. Instead we stopped in the funnily named vegan boutique, Cow Jones Industrial, had some delicious ice cream made from local milk, and then tried the brews at Chatham Brewing. (Okay, I didn’t do that, but bk did.)

Then it was time for a late lunch/snack on the porch at Lippera’s Chatham House. I’d heard they recently added more gluten-free options, and I was happy to see that this was carefully denoted on the menu.

Many items, if not gluten-free to begin with, can be made gluten-free, such as the fried calamari, which made me very happy. It certainly was not a very healthy lunch, considering we also got the house-made potato chips, but it sure was tasty. At least bk got a salad to even things out. He also got a pint of a Chatham Brewing Company’s beer, since the place itself doesn’t have a license to sell pints on the premises, only growlers.

Chipotle tabasco gives this spicy margarita an awesome kick.
Homemade potato chips with dill-sour cream dip, cooked in a dedicated fryer.
GF fried calamari with a tasty remoulade

Originally we’d planned on stopped at Harvest Spirits on our way back to Albany to sample some of their liquors and visit their farm stand, but we were so stuffed and overheated that we were just ready to go home for a siesta instead.

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