summer sauerkraut taste-off

I’ve made little secret of my sauerkraut love. I adore the stuff. It’s sooo tasty, although I prefer the lacto-fermented kind usually. I like almost anything pickled or fermented, but I’m definitely most partial to kraut. I like to think I hooked my dude by encouraging him to eat kimchee and sauerkraut from the jar with me late one night in my kitchen as a party unwound and I’d already suckered him into doing shots of bisongrass vodka. He might argue otherwise, but I know the truth. How can you resist a girl with a serious hankerin’ for kraut?

We recently decided to do a little taste test of several different krauts available at the Honest Weight Food Co-op and we tasted them side-by-side, both with a mustard and a hot dog (well, and a roll in his case) and plain.

Here are the krauts we sampled:

HVF and Conbeer Farms’ are both locally made, while HVF and DeepRoot are both organic and Conbeer Farms was the only one of the bunch that was made by heating the cabbage, as opposed to the natural or lacto-fermentation process used in the other three.

For eating by itself, the Hawthorne Valley Farm kraut, made by Sauerkraut Seth himself, was my favorite, hands down. I’ve been a huge fan of this stuff for awhile now.

I hated the DeepRoot kraut, which to me had a fishy taste. BK thought it was decent, but I could barely make it past one bite. The Conbeer Farms kraut wasn’t very good by itself, but on a hot dog, both of us agreed it was quite good. In fact, I’d probably pick this one to go on top of my dogs.

And then there was the Bubbie’s, which is more widely available, and is delicious on hot dogs and while it’s not quite as delicious by itself as the HVF, it’s definitely a kraut I could eat by the spoonful.

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