serious eats tackles the zumos in Barcelona

I got sooo excited this morning to see that Serious Eats had a piece on the fresh juices at the amazing La Boqueria market in Barcelona. The market, located in La Rambla, was totally amazing — it’s the type of place I would shop at on a regular basis in a perfect world. Rather than being a supermarket like we’re used to in the states, it’s a collection of stands and vendors. There is stand after stand of gorgeous looking meats, cheeses, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and much, much more. BK and I went three different times because we loved it so much. I have lots of photos to post, but the bulk of them were taken with his much nicer DSLR, so I have to get the memory card from him one of these days.

There are also a number of stands selling a beautiful rainbow of fresh juices, called zumos, in a wide array of flavors for just one euro each. I couldn’t help myself and had to try several, my favorite of which was the kiwi coconut and the only one that really missed the boat was the blackberry (or mora, in Spanish.) I’m happy to see Serious Eats sharing my love of these refreshing drinks.

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