popsicles, heat wave and dogs, oh my!

I have so much I want to write about from my trip and it feels like the time is just zooming past. This is the first time I’ve had summer vacation in years – it’s kind of awesome, or at least it would be if I weren’t earning zero dollars and hadn’t already written 30 cover letters and gone through several interviews. Fortunately, there is good news on the horizon but I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx myself just yet.

Yes folks, it’s summer in the city and it is hot hot hot. My mother and stepfather are off exploring New Mexico, so I’m at their place in Albany holding down the fort. The already spotty wifi has now quit on me and my brother cannot remember the password he set for it, and there is no air conditioning to speak of in this house, but it’s got its perks nonetheless. I’m enjoying my mother’s CSA share and various garden goodies, and I’ve definitely more than made up for the lack of greens I ate while on holiday. I love salad, but I’m starting to grow a little weary of all these lettuces. Aside from desperately searching for jobs, struggling with feelings of failure and ennui, various chores, etc, I’ve been catching up with friends and enjoying the feeling of driving a car once again.

But again, like I said, it’s been hot hot hot like Buster Poindexter says and as you can see, I’m not the only one feeling it. Yeah, we do a lot of this these days.

I’ve also jumped on the grown-up popsicle bandwagon and have been making all sorts of ice pops. My favorites so far have included the wild berry juice base and filled with small chunks of strawberry that I soaked in a little good gin first to keep them from freezing too solid. I’m also obsessed with the mango coconut ones I tried out on friends last night. I used half a can of coconut milk and pureed it in the blender with a very ripe mango that I’d diced up. Super delicious and creamy.

 I’ve also started playing around with using herbs and simple syrups. I made a simple syrup with mint the other day that I later pureed with fresh strawberries and a splash of lime juice for pops that turned out incredibly refreshing. I’ve just made a batch of lemon balm simple syrup and have my eye on lavender, thyme and basil next. I am thinking the basil would pair well with strawberries, raspberries or even watermelon, and I haven’t decided yet which I think would work with the others. Some of my attempts need further tweaking, like the fruit and black chai one and my attempt at a coffee-sicle. Gluten-free beer and cocktail pops are also on the horizon. Anyone have any cool recipes they can recommend?

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