good eats from eataly with wine on a balcony

Our best meals on the trip weren’t on the cruise despite the cruise line’s efforts to deal with my gluten-free diet. I’m still sorting through my photos so my posts aren’t exactly in chronological order. I’ll have to find the rest of my shots from Barcelona and Marseille, but until then, here’s a little about the trip to Genoa.

I made the mistake of not doing my research on Genoa and bk and I found ourselves in dark alleyways that smelled like urine and were filled with old Italian men drinking Peroni, smoking cigarettes and leering at us. No, really, I swear. So when we stumbled upon the Genovese outlet of Eataly, we felt like we’d struck gold. How do I describe Eataly? Hmm….well, here’s their manifesto:

1. Choice: We offer a diverse selection of quality food and drink
2. Accessibility: We are dedicated to offering the best products at the lowest possible price points.
3. Knowledge: We feel that it’s not just important that we know everything about what we sell and serve, but that you also learn about the products we are so passionate about. We share with you the stories of the people and places behind all that we offer. The more you know the more you enjoy.

Most of the products are, of course, Italian, so visiting the Eataly in Genoa seemed like a pretty sweet deal.  After coffee, we sampled some of their prosciutto and other meats before stocking up some groceries.

We were fortunate enough to have a balcony in the cabin on our cruise ship, which we took advantage of a whole lot. Technically the cruise line said we weren’t allowed to bring in our own wine and beer, and numerous signs warned us that any beverages we brought on-board would be confiscated until we disembarked the ship, we decided to give it a shot. We bought some nice looking wines at Eataly, along with cheeses, prosciutto, sopressata and pancetta, a few beautiful tomatoes and one of the most lovely cantaloupes I’d ever seen. Oh and of course, regular crackers for BK and some gluten-free ones for moi. We enjoyed a lovely evening picnic on our balcony after that.

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