hanging out at the Waterfront Cafe in Edgewater

I have two days left of classes, which means I have to finish a portfolio, finish a paper and give a big presentation. One of those items is as finished as it’s going to be, another is in process and the third, well, the third is dependent on other people.

Needless to say, I should probably not be devoting any energies to blogging. But if there’s anything I’ve learned the hard way during my time in graduate school, it’s that the academic lifestyle just doesn’t suit me. It’s so hard for me to force myself to stay at my desk when I want to be running around outside and exploring the world beyond my windows. I know, I know, there’s something to be said for discipline and all that but…. I’m ready to be done and moving on to new adventures. I think I’m also a little stir-crazy because the weather here in Chicago was sooo crummy for so long. At long last it seems like we’ve maybe left some of that behind, and the past few days have been mainly nice – mainly.

Living by the water is something I’ve always wanted to do in my life. While Lake Michigan may not be the ocean, it’s been a pretty good approximation and I’ve tried to take full advantage of it, especially considering I may not be this lucky again for awhile. When I realized the waterfront cafe down the street from my apartment was open for the season, I couldn’t resist a study break.

The Waterfront Cafe isn’t a fancy place. It’s pretty much no-frills. There’s a very simple Tex-mex inspired menu, a few beers and a few wines, including a house sangria. But the location is everything…. it’s so absolutely beautiful. Could you really ask for a better study break than sitting on picnic tables right by the lake with a cup of sangria in one hand and a feisty little dachshund-mix on your lap? I’d be hard-pressed to come up with one.  Sure, I haven’t tried the food yet, and I’d like it a little better if I could get, say, a gin and tonic, but all things considered, this is as close to ideal as I’m going to get.

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