graduation weekend: stephen colbert, cocktails, mussels and me

So I graduated this weekend, which is exciting, although it also now means I’ve rejoined the ranks of the overeducated and underemployed. The past few days have been super busy and I’m way behind on blogging all the stuff I want to blog. I’m going to list a few highlights here before I get into the big stuff, like the awesome tasting menu at Graham Elliott and all that good stuff.

Graduation part one was on Friday. I felt like some sort of academic superhero in my ensemble because not only were our gowns made from a heavy, bright purple fabric, but they also had these long, flow-y extra pieces on the sleeve and a funny little collegiate insignia on the front. Add my black hat to that, along with the special graduate hood, which to me looked like a black cape with maroon velvet trim and a purple and yellow satin interior. Super Grad is here to save the day!

Stephen Colbert was the commencement speaker which made up for the fun of having to sit in the direct sun on a football field wearing the heavy purple robe and mortarboard. (As ugly as they are though, the mortarboard does a good job of shading your eyes from the sun. ) SC and I are now on a best friends basis and I’ll be going to work for him soon. Okay, no, not really, but he did walk about two feet from me and his speech can be found online. (The Atlantic says it’s worth watching, so it must be true. And it definitely beat out my undergraduate commencement speech by about a million points.)

I tried to take pictures of him but it wasn’t working out too well.

The night prior, BK came into town and I took him out for beers and mussels at St. Andrew’s. This neighborhood pub has a really nice back patio and because it was trivia night, the patio was nearly empty which was also nice. I went for Ace Pear Hard Cider this time but they also have both Redbridge and New Grist gluten-free beers.

After Friday’s ceremony, I was practically raging with hunger so we chowed down on some take-out sushi from Whole Foods before having cocktails and snacks at my friend Emily’s sweet pad, followed by drinks at the Hopleaf with Clarisa’s family. I’ve been wanting to go to the Hopleaf for so long but I can never get in, so I was kind of bummed that we couldn’t eat there. However, we had dinner reservations and I knew I’d never be able to handle so much food. But! The good news is that Hopleaf carries several types of hard cider and Green’s gluten-free beers, among other items. Hooray!

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