the latest gluten-free controversy: Forbes blogs

My non-GF readers may wanna skip this one, because it’s a little navel-gazing.

So there’s this big hoopla right now because yet another person had penned a very public piece putting gluten-free diets in a bad light – this time on Forbes blogs.

The gist of this piece is, once again, that not eating gluten is a fad diet and one that may actually be harmful to people. But again, like so many other pieces, the writing of this also does a disservice to the many of us who have celiac disease and are not eating GF just for the fun of it. Unlike many previous pieces though, this one actually goes so far as to lump the diet in with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. In short, apparently there’s a trend of people using a gluten-free diet to cover up for their eating disorder.

Obviously this raises my skepticism meter pretty high. But it also gets me rankled as a reporter. It just feels… insincere. If anything, it also seems like the type of piece that will inadvertently create a trend where there wasn’t one. And it also poses the risk of making it harder for those of us who actually medically need the diet to be taken seriously.

It just kills me that it continually gets this reputation. I love bread. I love pizza. I love beer. And I’ve cheated intentionally a couple of times in the past year. I had a bite of Chicago-style deep dish pizza and a Chicago-style dog when I moved here… I actually ate a roll at a French fusion restaurant in St. Maarten. The former didn’t do much for me but the latter? Sweet lord. It was so very very very good. Chewy! Buttery! Holy mole. I’d forgotten how good real bread was in the seven years since I’d stopped eating it.  But it wasn’t worth the ensuing cramping or the hideous skin rash or the very idea that my intestines were probably suffering great damage at the hands of my hedonism.

Here’s some of the outcry here on Delightfully Gluten-Free and over here on Gluten Free is Life.

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