sitting outside at the Indie Cafe

The weather in Chicago puts a real strain on my relationship with this city. There’s so much to love about it, and when the weather’s nice, I’m down right in love with it, but the rest of the time, it’s like a naughty child. Every time I’m about to reach my boiling point when it comes to crappy weather, this city comes roaring back with a gorgeous day like Tuesday….Chicago, you foul-mannered temptress!

When it’s 45 degrees in May and the wind is whipping the rain sideways, it makes it incredibly difficult for me to want to do anything other than cuddle up with my dog and watch alternating episodes of “Ally McBeal” and “Twin Peaks” on Netflix.

Since it was finally lovely on Tuesday and I knew it wouldn’t last, I decided to treat myself to lunch somewhere with outdoor seating and brought my little Ruby along. I’ve passed Indie Cafe a bunchtege of times but I’ve been hesitant in the way I always am about “Thai and sushi” places and their ilk. But Indie Cafe surprised me, pleasantly. I only wanted a light, healthy-ish lunch and the mango-avocado-smoked salmon maki roll and fresh vegetarian summer roll fit the bill perfectly. Tasty and very fresh seeming- no need for a post-lunch nap afterwards. Of course, I’m sure my Thai iced tea didn’t stay within caloric confines, but hey, you only live once. 
I liked how frou-frou the wasabi looked.
Bonus points for not only allowing my dog on the patio but also having a water dish there already. Big ups.

Ruby says the patio is pooch-approved.
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