Shakparo African-style Ale adds another gluten-free beer option to the shelf

I get really excited whenever I discover a new gluten-free beer, so when I spotted this Shakparo Ale from Sprecher Brewery the other day at Whole Foods, I had to give it a shot. What really intrigued me about this ale is that it’s based on an African beer that’s naturally brewed without wheat and barley. A lot of gluten-free beer is just trying to hard to replicate regular beer while using alternative grains so it’s often disappointing. But this is a beer that’s replicating a style that never had wheat or barley in it to begin with.

And you know what? It’s good. It’s really good. Strong. The label says each bottle contains two servings even though it’s only a regular sized bottle, but oof, it is strong. One beer and I was already feeling a little heady. Two had me feeling positively delightful. It’s not only strong in alcohol content but strong in flavor too – just hoppy enough. I may have found my new favorite and at $8.99 a four-pack, it’s not horribly expensive.

Interestingly enough, right after I purchased this, the online beverage magazine Imbibe did a little thing on gluten-free beers¬†and voted this one their favorite, comparing it to the taste of lambics. While my regular beer-drinking days ended before I was even legal so I can’t totally vouch for whether gluten-eating beer drinkers would like it, I’m definitely going to give it two thumbs up for the GF crowd.

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  1. Thienanh says:

    Dear Jess,

    I happened upon your blog and I was wondering where to purchase the Shakparo beer. I also reside in Southern California. Thanks for your time!


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