mushroom risotto

When I went to Italy a few years ago, I thought I’d have such a hard time dealing with the food, given all the pasta and bread typically associated with Italian cuisine. Fortunately, I found polenta and risotto to be frequently available on menus, especially since I was in northern Italy.

As much as I love risotto though, I rarely make it myself. I decided to change this the other night.

I followed this basic recipe from Epicurious, but I didn’t feel the need to use the soy sauce they called for in this recipe. I was out of homemade stock so I used Better than Bouillon and I used a mix of fresh cremini mushrooms and dried wood ear mushrooms that I’d first reconstituted.

I used a little too much salt when finishing it up, but still, this was a pretty tasty dinner along with some fresh local asparagus.

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