jazz, wine and mussels at St. Andrew’s Inn

It’s taking me several months but I think I may have finally found “my” neighborhood pub. I’ve been living in Edgewater for quite awhile and though I love my little ‘hood, I don’t “go out” much here. I usually go a few blocks away to Andersonville or further south into Lakeview or Lincoln Park or Wicker Park, Roscoe Village, Logan Square. But I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a good neighborhood pub, a place just a short walk away where you can get a good drink, maybe a bit to eat and a little entertainment. There are plenty of cafes, a few restaurants, a handful of sports bars and a few dive bars right near me but I was still seeking my pub…and for awhile now, I’ve been suspecting that St. Andrew’s Inn might be the place.

After checking out some art and sampling some goods from Koval Distillery at the EdgeArt Artwalk, and then eating wine and cheese at Broadway Cellars, I was ready for a little pub action. To St. Andrew’s it was .

St. Andrew’s isn’t fancy. It’s not chi chi. It’s not the place you go for colorful cocktails with silly names or gastronomic wonders. It’s a jeans-and-tee kind of place, the kind of place where you could just as easily go by yourself as you could with a group of friends. The menu’s pretty basic. But it’s comfy. It feels laid back and relaxing. From what I can tell, the beer list is pretty decent and there’s weekly entertainment — live jazz on Fridays and Saturdays, no cover — and game nights and other events throughout the week.In short, this is my kind of place and I’m kicking myself for not coming in sooner.

A bowl of mussels swimming in butter, sherry, and garlic accompanied by an Ace pear cider and a glass of an Italian pinot noir and I’m one happy camper. Sure, the wine list could be a lot better but this is the kind of place where I’d almost rather drink a good hard cider than wine anyways.¬†
¬†Like I said, this isn’t a fancy place, but it’s not a urine-on-the-floor, poor lit dive either. It’s just a generally decent pub with decent food, good music, good people and a comfortable atmosphere. I’m very pleased. I’ll definitely be back soon.

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