Red Rooibos Latte at Icosium Kafe

My mother was here the past week, enjoying some mother-daughter time with me here in Chitown. Unfortunately, due to poor weather, her flight was delayed. She was originally scheduled to arrive on a Friday night but wasn’t able to get here until Sunday night thanks to the crappy weather. We had a lovely Ethiopian meal at Abyssian Restaurant, a few blocks from my apartment. I had school stuff to do the entirety of the next day so I sent my mom off to the Lincoln Park Observatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Tuesday was also crappy weather and I had more school stuff to do, but I did manage to sneak away for a little lunch and a quick and disappointing– but free — museum trip. Finally on Wednesday I was able to take mi madre around to see the sights. I showed her all my favorite buildings in the Bryn Mawr historic district/ Andersonville/Edgewater area and we had some burgers and beers at Hamburger Mary’s. 

We also stopped at the adorable Icosium Kafe for a little caffeine and warm-up. My Red Rooibos Latte was delicious!

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