finding gluten-free love in bookstores

This piece in Slate takes a look at how bookstores are “meet markets.” It’s a good read overall, but of course my favorite part was when writer was describing what a person’s book selection says about their future dating potential:

“Of course, it’s not just staff members who find bookstores and their bookish patrons appealing. There are many reasons why bookstores are naturally romantic environments: the smell of paper, the soft lighting, the baseline understanding that those inside like to read, and are therefore probably not morons. Browsing customers often circle each other like timid sharks, the piles of books in their hands their only weapons. Heidegger implies late-night conversations over coffee and cigarettes; Rumi, a bathtub surrounded by candles. Ayn Rand indicates a need for a wide berth; Sarah Vowell means mornings spent listening to NPR while baking gluten-free cupcakes.”

Aww, it’s so true.

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