Chilaquiles at Tweet: the perfect Sunday brunch

This past week has been truly gross outside — rain, high winds, some of the lowest temperatures for this time of year recorded in 70 years, sleet, even a little snow. It’s hardly been the nice spring I was hoping for after months of dreary winter. 

Those of us in Chicago were given the biggest tease close to two weeks ago when we awoke to a brilliantly sunny Sunday morning and temperatures that wound up rising to the low 80s. It was warm enough that many restaurants were prompted to bring out their patio tables for the first time in months and since bk was with me, what better way to celebrate such a lovely day than outdoor brunch with bloody marys at Tweet?
We both had the chilaquiles, a delicious combination of corn tortilla strips, eggs, beans, salsa and more. So good! Now if only we could get the sun to come back out again…..
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