Passover makes me happy!

I get really excited about Passover season because it means the grocery stores will have a special section of specialty food items in which there are almost always a few gluten-free items. I go nuts for the macaroons, but you can also often find gluten-free cookies, cakes, pasta and latke mixes too. When I lived in an area with a large Jewish community, I’d go crazy each year trying all of the different wheat-free items I could find, including a Passover version of Apple Jacks from the fine folks of Manischewitz.

Speaking of Manischewitz, I briefly worked with a DJ/music blogger who’d frequently host parties where she’d ironically serve Manischewitz wine. I got a kick out of that. In fact, it sort of inspired the first weekend feature I did when I started at the Associated Press – a piece on younger Jews getting closer to their roots with kitschy pop culture. 

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