and now for something completely different…

I’ve been working like a dog and I should be sleeping like a log the past few weeks, but I need a little fun here and there to keep me from going balls-to-the-wall crazy. So when my girl Clarisa asked if I wanted to go to a British-themed adult prom to raise money for 826Chi, a writing center for kids that’s part of the Dave Eggers’ empire, well, I was hard pressed to say no. The pot was sweetened when I found the “promme” would feature a Rod Stewart impersonator. I mean, really, how could anyone resist that?

So I went…and we danced. There was local beer, which didn’t do me much good, and wine, along with some sweets and crisps. Both of us ladies just wore vintage fancy dresses because we didn’t have time or energy to come up with something creative, but many of the guests were definitely dressed to impress. I loved the Prince Charles and the Amy Winehouses, the Mary Poppins, and the Sherlock Holmes. But one of my favorite pairings by far, was the duo dressed as Patsy and Edina of Absolutely Fabulous fame. That’s fantastic darling. Pour me another. 
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