tacos at maxwell street market

taco al pastor

Despite the fact that I woke up feeling sick on Sunday and it was raining heavily, I really wanted to bring the boy to the Maxwell Street Market. After a lengthy trip there involving a train, a bus, a small argument started by a stubborn me, we got there only to find that it was closing early due to the inclement weather.

On the left, pork skin in sauce. Pumpkin blossom is on the right.

I was pretty bummed. On the plus side, we found a couple of taco stands at the market still open, with covered seating. We got the pumpkin blossom, pork skin (chicharrones) and al pastor tacos to share. I loved that the two women were making the corn tortillas as they went, on the spot. Delicious.

The al pastor was our favorite. I loved that they served it with a little key lime. So cute.

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