gluten-free body lotion from Desert Essences

This dry, cold Chicago weather has really done a number on my skin. I am going through body lotions, lip balm, and moisturizer at an alarming rate this winter.

I’m picky about my body products. I try only to buy ones that specifically say they aren’t tested on animals and I try to look for products with ingredient lists made up of words I actually recognize as opposed to all sorts of multi-syllable chemicals. Unfortunately, a lot of the so-called natural lotions also contain things like wheat protein, barley protein and other glutenous things. Oh, and they sometimes cost way too much for my liking.

As previously noted though, it seems like more manufacturers of non-food products are also getting into the gluten-free labeling.

I was thrilled to find this Desert Essence Bulgarian lavender hand and body lotion the other day, because it fits all my criteria and lavender is my favorite scent. Even better, it’s specifically labeled vegan and gluten-free. And I think I only paid about $5 for it because it was on sale at Dominick’s of all places.

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