foodie wish list: Ethnic Chicago Neighborhood Spice Blends Gift Set

I don’t normally buy spice blends, referring to make my own, but I kind of love this Ethnic Chicago Neighborhood Spice Blends Deluxe Gift Set. 

Here are a few of the blends included in the gift set:

Back of the Yards Garlic-Pepper Butcher’s Rub This mixture of coarser spices is known as a “butcher’s rub,” designed to flavor almost any meat. In addition to its wonderful garlic-pepper flavor, we have jazzed this blend up with some colorful green herbs and red bell peppers. A great grilling spice for any meat: chops, ribs, steaks, poultry. Try it on broiled lake perch or even added to salad dressings.
Ukrainian Village Seasoning Our favorite all-purpose vegetable seasoning. A blend of the old-country standbys of black pepper, onion, salt, and garlic mixed with a touch of the new-country red and green bell peppers. Delicious on eggs and chicken, or in buttermilk/sour cream mixtures for ranch-style salad dressings. Great seasoning for potato salad. Roll new potatoes in oil and Ukrainian seasoning, and the potato skin becomes really delicious!
Pilsen Latino Seasoning Named for an area of Chicago with a strong Hispanic/Latino population, this blend has some zest! A good amount of chile pepper dominates this mixture, making it terric for salsa, chicken, etc.

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