Trying out Crispin natural hard ciders

As I previously mentioned, Serious Eats has been doing a cider series that I’m very into. I’ve recently discovered Sam Smith’s organic hard cider and am pretty smitten with it. Still, I can never resist trying a new cider. So when I spotted the Crispin brand’s Lansdownecider at my local liquor store, I picked two up to try when bk was here. The verdict? It’s…well…not as good as I anticipated. It’s a little sweeter than I normally like my ciders, although I like that this series is organic and unfiltered. Still, I think I prefer the dry and slightly more acidic qualities of Sam’s.  I’m not giving up on Crispin yet though – I really want to try some of their other varieties if I can find them – especially the English-style one that comes in a can.

From the company’s site:

I’ve been watching my friends’ Sam and Josh‘s maltipoo Betty White this week while they’ve been off galavanting in Cozumel. As a thank you, they left me a little homemade gift basket that included a bottle of Original Sin cider, which I was very happy for.

Addendum: I just found out there is actually an iTunes/iPhone app for finding Crispin ciders in your area. I am absolutely amazed.

In more cider news, this post from Chicago blog Low on the Hog about making cider at home is giving me the serious urge to try it. I’m supposed to be writing my midterm paper right now but all I can think about is food items I want to make. Oh and if you’re like me and really can’t get enough of the stuff, check out the Serious Eats cider posts, including their tips for easy home cider-making.

Slate looks at the history of cider in America

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