things that make me happy in 2011, #3

#3. Windy City Wasabeans

In November, bk went to the international picklefest in my beloved mid-Hudson Valley region – in Rosendale, just outside New Paltz, to be precise. I love almost all things pickled and briny, so missing out on the festival was definitely a disappoint for me but lucking he’s a pretty good guy so he picked me up a treat for me to have when I came back to New York last month.

After double-checking and triple-checking that these spicy pickled beans were gluten-free and made with wheat-free soy sauce and wasabi, he bought me a jar of Rick’s Picks ”Windy City Wasabeans.” And these suckers are delicious.

I’m almost sad we opened the jar back in New York because now I’m craving the rest of them. Sigh. I’ll just have to order more. Although there’s probably somewhere here in the Windy City that sells them, doncha think? Update: Yes, indeed there is.

One of my favorite foodie sites, Serious Eats, ran a piece about the company’s creator, Rick Field, just the other day.

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