So long 2010, hello Twenty-eleven

I can’t say I’m too upset to bid adieu to 2k10. There were definitely some very bright moments, like getting my little puppers, going to St. Maarten, meeting BK and of course, my wonderful friends. But overall, it was a pretty rough year filled with some major changes, not the least of which was leaving employment, and loved ones in upstate New York to go to graduate school in Chicago. I guess that counts as both a bright spot and a sad spot. I love the Windy City and grad school is definitely different, but there are a lot of things (okay, really just people) I miss back home.

Sappiness aside, the Cap Region is far outdone by the culinary scene in Chicago, at least on the commercial level. On the other hand, I haven’t made a group of almost foodie friends to have regular potlucks with yet, and my New Year’s Eve back in Albs was a delicious smorgasbord. Too bad I can’t transport all my favorite foodies here with me…

But until Albany can boast a place that delivers gluten-free pizza to my door, well, then the point definitely goes to Chicago.

And there are about a billion things I want to try here this year, including Vincent, which serves up “Dutch comfort food,” including multiple varieties of my beloved moules frites, and boasts a rocking list of gins and jenevers. I’ve got reservations there for later this month. And I’m still dying to try Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard’s place, Girl and the Goat. Good things and good eats are coming this year….I can feel it.

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