shitake fried brown rice

This is my new favorite easy to whip up meal. I call it shitake fried rice.

yes, it’s kind of an ugly duckling dish but it’s very good.

I have a hard time resisting those giant bags of dried mushrooms at the Asian markets I frequent. However, what usually happens is that I buy them, and then stick them in my cupboard where they eventually migrate to the back and are completely forgotten about. I’m trying, as always, to eat less meat. In general I never cook meat for myself when it’s just me — which is usually the case these days – with the exception of using bacon and sausage to flavor things. I’ll cook fish and eggs too but I am always looking for new, filling veggie ideas. The Kitchn has been running a series this week  on vegan cuisine, which has given frequent mention to dried mushrooms for their ability to add flavor to almost any dish.

I finally pulled out a bag the other morning and left them to soak for most of the day so they’d be nice and rehydrated. When I got home from class late that night, hungry and in need of something quick, I put some brown rice in the rice cooker and chopped up the drained shrooms and some garlic. I saved most of the soaking liquid and put some of that in with the rice instead of just plain water.

I then sauteed the mushrooms and garlic in my wok with a little olive oil and wheat-free soy sauce. When the rice was done, I added that to the mix along with more soy sauce and some green peas. I keep frozen peas as a staple and apparently, at least according to the latest issue of Saveur, even fancy shmancy chefs like the frozen ones.  The dish turned out so well that I ended up making it a couple of times this week. So tasty and so filling.

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  1. OLIVIA says:

    GREAT. I totally have a bag of dried mushrooms in my cabinet… I had no idea what to do with them and always was too lazy to try.

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