I found myself craving quiche the other day. I needed a few little small meals and I didn’t feel like making a whole big crust so I decided to just use ramekins to make little baby quiches. You know, quichelets. Like piglets, except quiche.

Using some Namaste gluten-free biscuit, pie crust and more mix, I made a little crust just on the bottom off the ramekin with short sides.  Then I made a mixture of egg and milk that I poured in each ramekin after putting a good amount of shredded cheddar on the bottom. A little spinach, salt and pepper added to the mix and voila. It worked out so that each ramekin got about an egg’s worth each. I baked them at 375 degrees and then let them cool a little. The perfect light dinner with a small salad.

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