New Year’s Eve

BK and I decided we wanted to be social this New Year’s Eve, my last night in New York, but didn’t feel like dealing with amateur night at the bars. So obviously the solution was to invite some of our favorites over. Originally our plan was all tapas-style but that went out the window a little bit. Just a little bit though. We, of course, went overboard and bought way too much food….

I wanted pan de higo, a naturally gluten-free fig and almond cake you frequently find on cheese platters in Spain. The Honest Weight Food Co-op carries it along with a walnut and date variety too. Obviously we needed some manchego and other Spanish cheeses to go with it, along with some mousse pate, fig jam and the creamiest goat cheese I’ve ever tasted. I wish I could remember the name.

I also picked up some rosemary-maple spiced nuts from Our Daily Nuts . (I also bought some for stocking stuffers this year.) A friend gave us a giant jar of homemade marinated olives and K8 and her hubs brought some spicy mushrooms along with her gluten-free take on tomato, pistachio and chorizo bread. She used the David Lebovitz recipe and did a straight swap for the flour using almond flour. But I also found this gluten-free version using a rice flour mix.

Our friend Dan made delicious bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with bleu cheese and gorgonzola. I also made a variation on the traditional tapas dish known as patatas bravas . I’d forgotten to pick up mayo at the store for the dipping sauce so we ended up whipping up some of our own using an immersion blender. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. I opted to do a roasted version rather than frying them.

The pièce de résistance was the giant tray of mussels, clams and shrimp that BK cooked up, along with platter of raw oysters that Rich masterfully helped shuck. For an extended period of time, we all sat around the table stuffing ourselves silly with seafood, to the point where I was way too preoccupied to snap a picture.  And really, is there any better way to spend a holiday than gorging on seafood with good friends and washing it all down with sparkling wines? We went through a lot of prosecco, cava and champagne that night….. happy 2011!

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