crepe expectations

I’m not exactly on the Trader Joe’s bandwagon – I prefer Whole Foods by far. I’m not big on packaged/pre-made foods and that seems to be more of TJ’s specialty. That said, they do have some decent gluten-free items.  I picked up some of the gluten-free pancake mix awhile ago and last night, prompted by grad school stress, I was feeling like doing some culinary experimentation.

Normally I just make crepes with rice flour or buckwheat flour, but I thought maybe I could use the pancake mix for it. And, it seemed to work. I poured a very thin layer of the prepared mix in a heated skillet that I’d greased with a little butter. Yum!

My fridge is a little bare but I managed to whip up a decent filling by sauteeing some chopped mushrooms, some minced garlic and frozen chopped organic spinach from WF. I added a little grated cheese, some chicken broth and some cream to make a modified cream sauce. Okay, it wasn’t the best dish I’ve ever had but really? It was pretty damn tasty on a cold night.

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