Brunch goes British at Bananas Foster

Grilled grapefruit with brown sugar and port wine. 1/23/11
On day 3 of BK’s Chitown visit, we woke up wanting to go out for brunch. It was way too cold to deal with walking to M. Henry and I knew it would be packed, so we decided to see if there was any chance we could get into M. Henrietta. No such luck. I knew Tweet would be packed too, so we decided to give Bananas Foster Cafe a chance. I’ve passed this place in my Edgewater/Andersonville ‘hood a bunch of times but had never tried it before. We were able to get a table after a wait of about 5-10 minutes.
Pear and brie omelet, homefries, no toast and one of BK’s sausages for me.

Turns out that BFC is basically an upscale diner with a British twist. The cafe was opened by a Londoner and that influence permeates most of the menu. You want the full Irish breakfast with toast, eggs, tomato slices, bacon, sausage and baked beans? You’ve got it. Shepard’s pie? Check. After perusing the menu for an extended period of time, I finally settled on the pear and brie omelet with home fries and no toast while the boy went for the eggs, bacon, home fries, sausage, toast combo. I don’t normally like sweet breakfast foods but the eggs kept the pear and brie combo from being overbearing. It was quite good although I’d probably give something else a shot next time. I love that they serve loin bacon and that you have a choice of home fries or bubble and squeak, which appears to be sort of a like a hash made with leftover roast veggies and sometimes bacon.

BK’s toast, homefries, eggs, sausage and toast brekkie.
I think my ex-pat stepfather would be happy to see they serve their Ploughman’s breakfast omelet with a side of branston pickle, a brown chutney-like condiment made of all sorts of diced veggies. I pretty much love everything pickled but I draw the line at Branston myself. I also went for the grilled half a grapefruit with port wine and brown sugar just because I was curious about it. It was good but I don’t think it needed nearly so much sugar. Ruby red grapefruit is sweet enough on it’s own. I’ll probably try one of the other less common-sounding dishes next time. 
I also think it’s cute that you can add a side of Irish baked beans, mashed potatoes or two “rashers” of bacon to any of the breakfast dishes. Oh, and of course you can get the eponymous dessert.
Gotta love the giant cups of coffee!
Bonus points for serving the coffee in large round cups. I’ve gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised with this little place. I figured it was just your standard greasy spoon “coffee shop” type of place, but it’s actually quite cute inside. And while this doesn’t do me much good, apparently they frequently have all-you-can-eat fish and chips night. Well done, Bananas Foster. You haven’t exactly blown me away but I’m definitely adding you to the brunch rotation. I might give the dinner menu a shot soon too. Oh and while some on Yelp weren’t down with the “Sound of Music” soundtrack the restaurant frequently plays, I’m down with the show tunes.
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