bean with bacon soup

The last few weeks of school I went a little crazy making soups and other easy-to-freeze meals. It was nice to come back to a very stocked freezer, even if my fridge was bare. And coming home after evening classes and a walk in the cold, cold Lake Michigan air is made much better by having a home-cooked meal all ready for me to heat up.

A while back, I started craving one of my favorite comfort foods from when I was a little kid: Campbell’s condensed bean with bacon soup. Well, clearly I wasn’t going to be purchasing that preservative-laden stuff so I sought out some recipes. This navy bean soup turned out quite delicious and was really simply. I made a few alterations: adding bay leaves, using butter and not margarine, and mashing up some of the beans. After letting it thaw in the fridge while at class, it heated up quickly on the stovetop and was just the stick-to-the-ribs kind of dinner I was hoping for. Makes me sad that I’m missing my girl Renee’s annual soup swap …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the recipe Beans?

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