the epic bloody mary

I’m quickly becoming a big, big fan of Tweet, a restaurant that’s connected to a gay bar called Big Chicks. This awesome dual place is about a 5 minute bus ride down the street from my apartment and as I recently discovered, Sunday brunch there is the best.

I love a good Bloody Mary and the ones at Tweet/Big Chicks are my new local faves. They come in a giant glass tiki goblet garnished with olives, lemon, lime, celery and a carrot stick. And these aren’t your ho-hum BMs – you can stick with the original or go for one of their specialty bloody marys flavored with either habanero, sriracha, wasabi or the ultra cocktail made with all three. I went for the sriricha and, well, I’m sold. These babies are delicious but potent! After one of these, my head was already spinning a little.

The Big Chicks part is normally only open starting in the evening with dinner and then regular bar hours, except on Sundays during brunch. The bartenders here are awesome — they kept calling my friends and I by the most fabulous pet names — pussycat, kitten, blondie, etc.

I was bummed that their arepas are made with regular flour as well as corn, which is pretty bizarre. Instead I — and my fellow GF companion — opted for the David Sharpe omelet, made with Swiss cheese, asparagus and shallots. So good but huge! I ended up taking half of it home! I passed on the toast but went for a fruit cup, home fries and tomato slices. I was stuffed for hours.

Tweet has a great, funky little atmosphere but it gets packed on weekends and they don’t take reservations or accept credit cards. Another perk is that the menu advertises the restaurant’s commitment to using hormone-free, organic, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised meat — and veggies — whenever possible.

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