I’d forgotten how stressful the end of the quarter/semester can be. I mean, it’s a much different kind of stress than working or getting laid off, like I did last year around this time. This is a much stranger kind of stress where I feel consumed by it and try to make myself stay inside all weekend to do work but ultimately end up doing way more procrastinating than I should.

I decided to “reward” myself last week for staying in all Friday night to work by ordering delivery from Ranalli’s in Andersonville. I got a gluten-free thin crust pizza with mushrooms and decided to give the garlic bread a shot too. The pizza was great and the leftovers made for a great breakfast the next day. I’d probably skip the garlic bread next time though because it was dry and hard, and not nearly garlicky enough for my tastes.

I also splurged on the GF german chocolate cake. It was amazing and it’s supposedly made in a full-on gluten-free bakery and brought it, but I ended up clutching my gut in pain the next morning. I’m praying it wasn’t the delicious coconut-y piece of cake I consumed in one sitting despite telling myself I’d make it last two days.

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