more dinners for one

I have three night courses this quarter, which makes cooking dinner for one even less appealing than it normally is. I’ve decided to go back to the good old days of when I’d prepare lots of meals that could be packaged in individual containers and then frozen. It helps a lot. Usually I’d also have done some freezing over the summer – pesto and veggies and berries – but moving put a cramp in that plan. My then-roomies and I did a bunch of pickling, canning and jamming though.

Right now, I’ve got portions of Thai curry w/ chicken, gluten-free baked ziti, pancakes, homemade GF pizza, homemade GF calzones and tomato sauce, GF brownies and beans n’ greens soup. There’s also a portion of veggie enchiladas. I’m debating what to make next. Any suggestions? I need some non-gross casserole ideas, perhaps.
Oh, and well, when I scoped out the massive Whole Foods, I also picked up a few easy things to keep on hand – namely, some Alexa’s yukon gold fries, GF fish sticks and GF crab cakes. Oh and I always keep a couple of packages of frozen greens on hand, just in case. Oh and the frozen bananas are for future bread-baking.
That DiGiorno’s frozen pizza you see is clearly not mine – it was left there by the old tenants and I’m really bad at throwing away perfectly good food.
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  1. CAPow! says:

    I feel you! Most nights Mike is working, and I don’t feel like cooking for myself at all. I’ve gotten into a lentil soup rut!

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