fish tacos (insert sophomoric giggle)

Grad school is starting to kick my ass a little bit. Not because it’s necessarily difficult, but just because I have a lot of video projects due within a very short time and it’s not exactly my forte. But I’ll get there, I hope.

A side effect of this is that I’m becoming more apathetic or lazy when it comes to making and even eating actual meals. Sometimes some wine, a bowl of popcorn and a chunk of triple cream seems to suffice. But I did make these delicious fish tacos recently using some “sustainable wild-caught” cod from Whole Foods that I pan-seared and topped with a simple salsa I made using a red onion, garlic, a diced mango and the heirloom tomatoes I’d picked up (and likely paid too much for) at the Edgewater Farmers’ Market. Oh and some spices, of course. Another downside to my current state of, um, “unsettlement” (portmanteau? artistic license?) is that I lack a proper spice selection and haven’t decided how much commitment I feel to creating one right now.
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