domestically dysfunctional

I’m not exactly the domestic type. I love hosting parties and preparing food and that kind of thing, but when it comes to the basic household stuff, I’m kinda crappy. I tend to miss big particles when I was dishes, I can’t iron properly and I’ve had countless disagreements with a number of people (SOs, my mother) about proper techniques for folding laundry. And don’t get me started on critiques of my bed-making.
This could be part of why I always assumed I’d be an eternal bachelorette or else it’s that fear of marriage that’s kept me from cultivating my domesticity.* Although, I am, however, exceptionally good with children although more in the super fun babysitter or aunt kind of way than maternally. And I don’t care for babies much. And I used to love to bake but lost interest when I went GF, somewhat ironically.

All of this is why I’ve always joked that I just want my own “wife.” In my mind, the perfect “wife” — and I’m using that term in a broader, general sense not necessarily referring to a woman — was Donna Reed or June Cleaver. So I couldn’t help but take notice when Mrs. Cleaver herself, Barbara Billingsley, died.

I’ve always sort of fantasized about being a Ward Cleaver-type who goes to work each day in a suit and comes home to a newspaper, slippers and supper on the table. I’m all for old-fashioned 1950s family values so long as the stereotyped positions are reversed. No, I’m kidding. None of these constructs really holds much value these days. Still, if I could afford to be the breadwinner and have a stay-at-home SO, I’m not sure I’d exactly protest. Might be nice…..maybe I should just train Ruby to get my slippers and pour me a glass of wine instead.

In more realistic terms, I almost always date people who can cook. What do you think ladies? Isn’t there just something super sexy about a date cooking for you?
*All kidding aside, I’m comparatively domestic sometimes. I like making sun tea and going to farmers markets and organizing cabinets, picking and drying herbs, making big batches of food to freeze in individual lunch portions, making coffee ice cubes for iced coffee, and mailing thank you notes.
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  1. Albany Jane says:

    You’re pretty domestic – I don’t know many guys who have such a cool selection of cute magnets.

    But oh man, does having a SO who knows how to cook rock! What takes me 2-3 hours of cooking to do, takes the mr about 45 minutes. I am totally fine with that one.

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