it’s not digiorno’s, it’s delivery!: Gluten-free pizza from Andersonville’s Ranalli’s

The other night I was pretty beat from staying up late for a deadline the night before and I started thinking how much I wanted (gluten-free) pizza. I really didn’t want a frozen Amy’s pizza and I didn’t feel like making my own or even taking a trip to Pizzeria Uno, even though I live the city where the joint originated. What I wanted was delivery, and lo and behold, I found it.

Ranalli’s of Andersonville has quite the extensive gluten-free menu and even has Tuesday night Gluten-free Night where the 12-inch thin crust pizza is $9.99 instead of $11.50. About 30-40 minutes after placing my order, a delivery guy brought me my GF pizza with spinach, mushrooms and anchovies, and a small side salad. I was pretty damn excited — and there were leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Thank you once again Chitown.
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