FDN #2

“Top Chef,” which is one of the very few television shows I actually watch with regularity and at the time of actual broadcast, just started up a new season. This means, of course, that family dinner nights at my house are now also Top Chef nights. Here’s what we had for the season premiere:

I made a salad of baby arugula with sliced local strawberries and goat cheese, topped with just a simple balsamic dressing.

Laura made a simple appetizer of ham-wrapped scallions and also provided some delicious cherries. And B, because he’s awesome, attempted a gluten-free deep dish pizza using a buckwheat crust that was far more delicious than I’d anticipated.

Lauren, after much scoffing over my “gluten-free” stuff, (all in jest,) made her own calzones, which were filled with gluten. Oh and S doesn’t cook, so he made a stop at Crisan and brought me one of their gluten-free cakes.

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