family dinner

My roommates and I like to periodically hold what we call family dinner nights (which will be referred to as FDN from here on out.) Basically, it’s just an agreement that we will all make dinner together on a specified night, with each person contributing something. Typically we wind up with something of a smorgasbord. In other words, it’s pretty awesome.

This dinner actually occurred a few weeks ago but I’m pathetically behind on posting. Sorry – life gets in the way of things sometimes. Or I was too busy digesting all of the amazing things I’ve eaten lately to find the time to document them properly. Or something.

My roommate B makes this great roasted marrow bone dish in which you scoop out the marrow, put it on some little toast points and then top it with a lemony parsley salad. Of course, in my case, my toast points are made with gluten-free bread.

I roasted some beets from the farmers market and along with some local goat cheese, my other roommate created an orange-beet-goat cheese salad that turned out to be absolutely delicious. We also grilled some veggies, including some asparagus I wrapped in prosciutto. Unfortunately, our grill was having some issues that night and was cooking unevenly, so much of asparagus ended up being burnt. I’m weird though and liked it anyway, even blackened.

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