soup swap

For the past few years, my lovely friend Renee has hosted an annual soup swap.

Basically it works like this: everyone makes six quarts of soup, packaged in individual quart containers and brings them to the host’s house. Numbers are drawn and then everyone takes turns picking out containers of soup. At the end, everyone leaves with six different quarts of soups.

It’s a really fun event to break up the hum-drums of winter. And besides, who doesn’t like soup?
Last year was my first year attending and it was quite fun. Although I couldn’t eat all of the soups of course, I was able to eat some and the others were eaten by my partner at the time. Not a bad way to do it.

This year I was flying solo but invited one of my roommates and a couple of friends. I made a vegan curried lentil soup that’s basically a riff off this, although I added more spices and some other secret ingredients.

What was particularly cool this year is that a lot of people had listed their ingredients, making it even easier for me to navigate the soups. I picked one pasta-containing soup to give away, but left with five glorious non-gluten soups. So far I’ve only tried the peppery celeriac with roasted chestnuts, which was quite creamy and tasty. Most of the containers were put in my freezer, ready to be pulled out on a cold, lazy night.

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  1. renée says:

    nice use of riff. thanks for joining us! soon i will be gathering recipes from everyone to post.

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