Poland, part 8

After a few days of heavy meat-filled Polish food, I found myself really wanting vegetables — a salad in particular. It was a relatively warm day for September, warm enough to wear short sleeves sans cardigan, and I was totally craving a summery salad.

Here’s a funny thing I’ve noticed in other European cities too when I’ve traveled : it’s hard to get a decent salad in a restaurant. It’s just not something you typically find. Salads, I suppose, are something to be eaten at home and not a restaurant. But when I’m traveling, it makes me totally appreciate the preponderance of simple mixed greens salads at many U.S. restaurants.

I managed to find a cafe that seemed to dabble in “healthier” foods like salads and various teas, and ice cream dishes. Go figure.

I ended up ordering something called, I think, triple grapefruit delight. Okay, that may not exactly be it but it was something to that effect. It was basically just some ice berg lettuce topped with Belgian endive, a little radicchio, red grapefruit slices, kiwi slices, walnuts and some sort of honey dressing. It was pretty tasty, albeit a little sweet for my tastes. Still, it did satisfy my salad craving.

But the best -or weirdest – part of this meal was the iced tea I ordered. I thought I was ordering a regular iced tea like I’d in the states. When I received my glass, I immediately took a big sip because I was really thirsty and was surprised to find it had a sweet, floral taste. Surprised, I looked at it again and realized there were rose petals at the bottom. Weird. At first it was a little too perfume-y for my tastes, but it grew on me after the first few sips.

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