Poland, part 4

I really love checking out the snack foods in other countries. For instance, the candies in other places always seem far cooler than the ones at home. I ended up buying quite a few Cadbury products to bring home for the sibs.

But I have to say, I think chips are usually the things that impress me most. Chips in other locales always seem to come in far more interesting flavors than the U.S. Instead of sour cream & onion or salt n’ vinegar, for instance, you’re more likely to find roast lamb and mint-flavored crisps in English spots or even roast beef with mustard.

Poland was no exception. One night I tried some chuck steak flavored ones, because, well, I was curious. I brought a small bag of Lay’s roast chicken flavored ones home in my suitcase. A friend I met at the hostel told me he’d tried mushroom soup flavored chips earlier that day.

But my favorite, by and large, were the goulash flavored chips. On my last night in Krakow, a bunch of random travelers and I sat outside the hostel drinking wine and chatting and I decided to buy some snacks at the 24-hour store on the corner. I came back with these goulash chips, which impressed even the Poles amongst our little group. They were actually really good!!

One night I also bought this bag of popcorn only because the label amused me.

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2 Responses to Poland, part 4

  1. MsMortalCoil says:

    I agree with you 100%. I passed by the new asian market on central and totally want to go and see what crazy candy they have in stock.

  2. Albany Jane says:

    All of those chips sound fabulous. I imagine mushroom soup would go really well. After reading a lot of UK based blogs and news, the chips (I’m sorry, crisps) seem really inventive. Curry, ketchup, man, they all sound so good (in theory)

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