Poland, part 10

I always get a thrill out of open air markets in new locales.

Krakow was no exception.

I stayed at a hostel in Kazimierez, which was once a thriving Jewish neighborhood until the Nazi invasion. In recent years, it’s been revitalized and has become a vibrant, thriving community once more, although not necessarily Jewish. It’s definitely the hippest-seeming neighborhood I saw in Krakow, with a fun, exciting night life surrounding the main square, Plac Nowy.

Each day in Plac Nowy, there is a giant market. On week days, it’s primarily antiques and beautiful produce stands like this once. Every thing looked fresh and colorful, right down to the giant pink soup kettles I saw women ladling pickles from. On Sundays, the market becomes almost more like a flea market with stand after stand of used clothing joining the ranks.

Throughout much of the city and surrounding areas, you can find smaller versions of these fruit and vegetable stands any day of the week. These seem to be where most people buy their produce, as the produce selection in most grocery stores is pretty tiny.

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  1. Mr. Dave says:

    Have I mentioned that I am so jealous of your travels, all of the Polish food looks so good.

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