Duck soup

I woke up yesterday morning with a terribly sore throat and aches throughout my body. However, it was a Monday morning and I was just off for two weeks earlier this month, so I didn’t want to call out of work. Instead I dragged myself out of bed, urged only by promises from the boyfriend that he’d make me some sort of delicious soup to eat that night.

By mid-morning, there were promises of some sort of concoction involving duck feet, duck wings, lemongrass and ginger. My throat was hurting even more by this point and I was becoming just the slightest bit paranoid about swine flu.

I arrived home to one of the most amazing aromas I’ve smelled in a long time. A huge, heaping bowl of still steaming soup was already waiting for me on the counter.

Why is it that soup is the best possible thing to eat when you’re sick? Something about it just always makes me feel a little better. I usually turn to pho or miso when I’m feeling under the weather, but I certainly won’t turn my nose up at a bowl of Jewish medicine, aka chicken soup.

This time the chicken soup gave way to duck soup. Yes, duck soup. Let me tell you, it was pretty amazing. No, strike that, it’s ridiculously, absolutely delicious. It’s almost like a duck version of Vietnamese pho, redolent of lemongrass and garlic and with an intense heat to it because we just can’t get enough spice in our life. It was spicy with hints of sweetness, with just the right amount of meatiness and saltiness to it. It was as if an Asian chef had taken over my kitchen just for one day.

My Asian-chef-for-day started out by simmering duck feet with lemongrass, onions, garlic and ginger while duck wings roasted in the oven with some garlic. Later he added the wings to the broth, along with celery, bits of chicken, kale, jalapenos and mushrooms.

It was the kind of soup that felt like it had healing powers _ and it made me think of the Marx brothers. The boy had made enough that I froze two quarts and stuck two-and-a-half more in the fridge. Tonight after work, I decided to soften some rice vermicelli noodles to pour the soup over and then I topped it with some bean sprouts and a quick squirt of Siracha _ even though it was plenty spicy enough.


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  1. Albany Jane says:

    That soup sounds good! I was wondering how the soup would come out non-greasy with the wings. Duh! Of course, roasting.

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